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If you’ve been arrested, we understand that you need representation that is aggressive and yet compassionate, comprehensive and yet affordable. At Kircher & Arnau, we know that you may be going through a difficult time. We Got You.


You can be charged with Driving Under the Influence after consuming any alcohol or chemical substance that impairs your ability to properly operate a vehicle. We’ll act quickly to gather all the facts and defend your rights.


Any unwanted, intentional touching another person can lead to charges of battery, even if the alleged victim experienced no injuries. Stacey and Bill will patiently listen to what you say happened and will explore all options for your defense.


Stacey and Bill know there can be many angles to the circumstances that lead to theft charges. They will be well-prepared to challenge any potential violation of your rights and to defend your innocence.

Drug Charges

Drug-related charges vary by the type and quantity of drugs alleged in your possession and whether it may have been your intent to sell. Stacey and Bill have the knowledge and skill to take apart the state’s case against you. They got you!

Sealing & Expungement

Your life is your business! If there’s something in your past that you’d like to keep private, it may be possible to have certain records sealed or to have your record expunged. Stacey and Bill can look into your options. Call now to get the process started!

Kircher & Arnau Handle Drug Charges

If you’ve been arrested on drug-related charges, we’ll immediately start preparing your defense by asking these questions:

How did the police find the drugs?

Were you pulled over in a traffic stop? Did they stop you on the street? Did you give actual consent to a search?

Why did the police believe the drugs were yours?

Were other people in the car? Were the drugs in a container? Were you staying with a friend? Were there other people around?

How do they know it was an illegal substance?

Did they test it? Maybe you have a prescription, or the amount is less than the police claim. If they claim you were selling, how did they decide that?

drug charges

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Stacey Kircher, Esq.
Board Certified Criminal Trial Lawyer

William Arnau, Esq.

STACEY E. KIRCHER, ESQ. is a veteran attorney with a long tradition of excellence and well-earned respect in the legal community.

She earned her skills in the courtroom as a litigator for over a decade as an Assistant State Attorney and Assistant Attorney General. She has argued in front of the Justices of the Florida Supreme Court many times, and had legal briefs considered by the Justices of the Supreme Court of the United States. She has managed a busy civil practice and represented both injured parties and some of the biggest insurers in the county. She is also an instructor and professor, as well as writing and speaking on important legal rights and issues.

WILLIAM ARNAU Bill is an aggressive advocate for his clients with extensive trial experience. He has a reputation for being tough, honest and having an excellent work ethic.

Nova Southeastern University—Shepard Broad College of Law, 2007. Admitted to the Florida Bar in 2007.


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